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Our Mission

To combat compulsive behaviors and addictions in a discreet, holistic way.

Everyday life today is a gauntlet of trauma and distraction that, if we don’t handle correctly can cause terrible stress. This stress creates anxiety and depression leading us and our children to compulsive behaviors and addictions that in the end lead to bad health and disease. To overcome this terrible stress you and your loved ones must learn to control your mind.

Lifeforce Health wants to help improve the health and wellness of individuals and families by teaching exercises for the mind that when practiced daily will give people the awareness and objectivity needed to stop reacting compulsively to all the damaging distractions around them allowing them to lead purposeful happy lives.

It’s time to learn how to live free.

Negative Learning

Whenever you are interacting with any kind of media you are being distracted, manipulated even hypnotized.  Be it television, radio, gaming or the world wide web you are being manipulated by ‘programmers’ who are trying to lead you in one direction or another to ultimately get you to spend money. One must remember when interacting with media that behind the information you are receiving is a fallible human being, doing what they do because of their own self interest or their bosses self interest and so on. This means the information they’re dispensing is always corrupted in some way.

Natural Learning

Information and wisdom flows naturally through the universe. We know it as Intuition. In order to break free of the controlling grip of media propaganda and negativity that surrounds us in today’s society, you must first recognize your own intuition and learn to listen to the natural answers that are abundant in the universe.


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    Internet Addiction could signal other problems in students. Of the 254 freshman at McMaster University in Ontario who used a tool called the Internet Addiction Test (IAT) 33 students met the criteria for Internet

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    WAKE UP! Or you may lose control of your life…

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    Do you feel like you’re losing your mind?

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Located in Santa Monica on the west side of Los Angles our office is private and discreet for one on one or family meetings. Alternatively I am happy to come to your house or office if in the LA/West LA area.

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