Have you noticed how everything seems to be back to front, right is wrong and wrong is right? Well you noticed correctly. We are living in a culture and a world that is headed in the wrong direction and, I hate to say it, it’s our fault! Since the last calamity to hit,  WWII, our western culture has been heading in the wrong direction and our downfall has been sped up with the use of many different types of technology; the telephone, the TV, radio, computers, the internet, gaming, tablets, smartphones, and on and on. Not to say that these technologies aren’t amazing, but what has happened is that we have allowed the technology and the people behind it to control and influence us rather than us controlling the technology.


So now, although we have great amounts of knowledge at the tip of our fingers we tend to let the programmers behind the loudest broadcasters, websites and advertisers tell us how to think rather than using our own wisdom and awareness to decide what is right and wrong. Hence every thing seems back to front now, what used to be right is now wrong, and what was wrong is now right! Because we are allowing these media influencers to become our moral compass we have become unattached to the truth and therefore rudderless. In fact if some big calamity were to hit America today many people would be stupefied and not know what to do. I would say that the country has never been so vulnerable as it is today due to our enemies understanding this.

Let me help you get your rudder back.

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