Do you drop everything to answer your phone when it rings? Are you one of these “Average Americans” that watches 5 hours (Neilsen) of television a day? Not to mention how much time is spent listening to music or radio and surfing the web.

If you are then you are actually wasting your own life away and letting other people manipulate you into doing what they want you to do.

All forms of media are all about controlling you the people into voting a certain way, buying certain things and behaving in particular ways. The fact that we now walk around with these media devices in our hands allows the media controllers to get information to us at lighting speed so even before we’ve had time to digest one piece of information another has arrived. This continuous bombardment of information actually traumatizes you so that you end up reacting to the information the way they want you to rather that allowing ‘your’ common sense to ponder the information so that you can react (or not) in an objective way.

As you go through everyday life just stop and take a minute to ask yourself are you doing what ‘your will’ wants you to do or are you being controlled by somebody OR SOMETHING else?